The Boy Scouts' Cradle of Liberty chapter will move out of the city-owned building at 22nd and Winter streets it has occupied since 1928 as part of a settlement to end the 2008 lawsuit brought against it by Mayor Nutter's administration. 

The city will pay $825,000 to the Scouts for construction and improvements they have made to the building.

In its suit five years ago, the administratino argued that the Scouts were violating the city's anti-discrimination policies by operating on city property and refusing membership to homosexuals.


From the city's press release:

"The City of Philadelphia and Cradle of Liberty Council, Boy Scouts of America (COLBSA) have reached a settlement in regard to the Cradle of Liberty Council’s headquarters building at 22nd and Winter Streets, which was built by the Scouts in 1928 on City property and has been the subject of litigation since 2008. 

"COLBSA professional staff will vacate the building at 22nd and Winter Streets by June 30, the COLBSA retail store will vacate the building at 22nd and Winter Streets by October 31st. The City of Philadelphia will in turn reimburse the COLBSA $825,000 for capital improvements it has made to the property over the years.

"The Cradle of Liberty Council serves more than 17,000 youth in Philadelphia, Montgomery and Delaware Counties."