Tim Dowling, an elections and finance documents specialist for the Philadelphia City Commission, told his bosses this morning that he has had mixed results with state House representatives from the city filing the required campaign finance documents this year.  Of the 13 sent notices of past-due reports and fines, seven came up to speed while six -- all Democrats -- are still not filing the proper reports.

"They've been sent numerous notices in regards to their lateness and fines," Dowling said. "There has been no response."  Dowling identified the representatives as:

Dowling said state law requires the representatives to file reports with the state and their home county.  The representatives can have their paychecks withheld if they don't file with the state.  Dowling recommended that the City Commission refer the six cases to the state Attorney General's Office for investigation since they hold state offices.

It was unclear if that would happen.  Joe DeFelice, Philadelphia director for the Republican Party of Pennsylvania asked Commission Chairwoman Marge Tartaglione if her office would contact the Attorney General's Office.  "We don't have to make a decision," Tartaglione declared.

UPDATE, 4:10 pm:  Dowling e-mails to say his interpretation of what Tartaglione said was that he would be contacting the Attorney General's Office and no vote was needed.  PhillyClout has e-mailed the six representatives to see if they want to respond.