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City Officials Celebrate Cliff Lee's Return

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said he thought he misheard this morning when listening to the news about pitcher Cliff Lee returning to the Philadelphia Phillies.

"We better hurry up and get our mounted unit in place because the Phillies are going to win the World Series the next three or four years," Ramsey said.

City officials joined Ramsey today in applauding Lee's decision to come back to the Phillies, despite more lucrative offers from other teams.

"I've had a feeling for a while, and I think he made it evident, that Cliff Lee did not want to leave Philadelphia," Mayor Nutter said. "I think Cliff Lee has now demonstrated why Philadelphia is such a great place. He turned down more money at some really great teams because he wanted to be in Philadelphia.

Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. also said he was thrilled by the news.

"The three coolest men on the planet earth are Sean Connery as James Bond, Denzel Washington and Cliff Lee," Jones said. "When he took us to the World Series, he had ice water in his veins."