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City Officials Say They have Made Final Offer to Mummers

Negotiations between the Mummers and the city over how budget cuts will effect the New Year's Day parade wrapped up this afternoon. And the city says they have made their final offer.

"Certainly we want to have the Mummers Parade," Mayor Nutter said. "We have put forward what we think is a reasonable offer. The choice is up to the Mummers."

Due to budget constraints, the city has reduced the amount they are prepared to pay for the festive strut up Broad Street -- prompting

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. Mayoral spokesman Doug Oliver said the city has not budged on their offer to cover $300,000 in service expenses.

"It is our best and final offer," said Oliver. He added that the city estimates that a shortened parade -- reduced to 6 1/2 hours instead of the traditional eight or nine -- would cost $347,000. Oliver said the city is waiting to hear if the Mummers will accept their terms.

Nutter cut $355,000 in parade prize money when he revised the city budget to shore up a $1 billion shortfall over the next five years. He originally said the Mummers would have to cover police and sanitation costs, but later restored the $300,000 for services.