Mayor Nutter's call in this morning's budget address for City Council members to give up their city-owned cars didn't go over too well with many of the people he was speaking to.  Thirteen Council members use city cars. Council members Jim Kenney, Frank DiCicco, W. Wilson Goode and Bill Green do not drive city cars.

Council Majority Leader Marian Tasco not only refuses to give up her car, she says city should replace her five-year-old model.  Tasco added it would cost the city more to reimburse her 54 cents a mile for using her own car.  "So it's not a savings," Tasco said. "The numbers are misleading. It is the cost of doing business."

Council Majority Whip Darrell Clarke said saving money on cars was "symbolic" but he wasn't giving up his car.  "Anybody that lives in my district recognizes that car," Clarke said. "I do not in any way shape or form feel that I need to apologize about the use of a city car for my job for work purposes."

Council Minority Leader Brian O'Neill said he would give up his car only if the city did away with the fleet system.  "We have thousands of cars in the fleet," O'Neill said. "No one needs them on a 24-hour basis more than Council members."

PhillyClout also polled some Council members as they entered a budget briefing with Nutter yesterday.

Frank Rizzo: "I am a councilman at large that is very active. And I am not at this moment willing to give up my city car."

Jannie Blackwell: "I told him it's more than the little money they're going to save, it's about the ability to do your job effectively."

Curtis Jones Jr. was coy: "Everything is on the table as the mayor said."

Anna Verna: "I think it impedes our ability to serve our constituents."