Marian Tasco, City Council's majority leader, resumed her criticism of the Philadelphia Board of Ethics and lumped in the Daily News editorial board this afternoon in a speech in Council's chambers.  Tasco is angry that that Board of Ethics fined its executive director, Shane Creamer, $500 for breaking its confidentiality rules on ongoing investigations.  Tasco has demanded that Creamer, who turned himself in to the board, lose his job.

Tasco was critical in today's speech of a Daily News editorial today that said Creamer acted ethically in reporting his violation to his bosses.  She read a dictionary definition of ethics and the mission statement from the U.S. Office on Government Ethics while renewing her call for Creamer to lose his job.

"It's about public trust and employee integrity," Tasco said.  "What's the point of teaching our employees right and wrong with regards to their jobs if we look the other way when the teacher breaks the rules?"

Tasco complained that the Daily News editorial board has "condemned" Council in the past when one of its members got into trouble.  She called for the same standard at the Board of Ethics.

"City Council is continually stereotyped as guilty until proven innocent, that the body as a whole has the intent to defraud the public," Tasco said. "As a member and a leader of this Council, I am offended."