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Councilman Jones Gets Response From Amtrak

Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. -- who yesterday announced introduced a resolution to hold hearings into the disrepair of Amtrak rail bridges in the city -- is set to meet with Amtrak officials early in January.

Jones, chairman of Council's committee on transportation and public utilities, said he was glad to start a conversation, but remained concerned about the state of the bridges. "I have a cynicism. There are some fundamental obstructions to them being even able to comply," Jones said.

The hearings are still planned for early next year. Jones said he was concerned about the deterioration of many bridges and frustrated that federal stimulus dollars aren't being used to improve the conditions and create jobs.

UPDATE: The original version of this post reported that Jones said he was meeting with the Amtrak president. But an Amtrak spokeswoman said that the meeting would be with a team of Amtrak engineers.