The state Judicial Conduct Board today filed formal charges against Philadelphia Traffic Court Judge Willie Singletary, who has been on suspension since a cashier accused him of showing her pictures of his penis on his telephone.  The charges contain graphic details about Singletary's alleged actions during a night court session in December.  They include:

  • Singletary started by showing the young woman pictures of his two daughters in a tub, himself at church, his BMW car and "a female in black booty shorts."

  • He then showed her two pictures of his erect penis.

  • He asked her "Like that?" and "Do you like that?"

  • She tried to ignore him but he said: "Who you giving your time to? It is my time right now."

The charges say the woman told a police officer at Traffic Court about the incident the next day and then told Common Pleas Court Judge Gary S. Glazer, who is overseeing Traffic Court.

The Judicial Conduct Board case could lead to public trial before the Court of Judicial Discipline, which could normally can lead to a reprimand, suspension or removal from office.  But Singletary's status as a judge is a little unclear today.

The state Supreme Court suspended Singletary without pay in January.  The Inquirer reported today that Singletary sent his resignation to Glazer but needs to submit it to Gov. Corbett.  The Judicial Conduct Board charges say Singletary submitted his resignation Monday to state Supreme Court Justice Ron Castille.