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DiCicco Axes Electronic Billboard from Old City Development

Councilman Frank DiCicco today said that an digital billboard will no longer be part of a controversial hotel project proposed for Old City.

DiCicco said he had originally agreed for a sign to be included in the development project at 4th and Race streets based on the belief that the sign would be obscured to residents and only visible to drivers on the nearby Ben Franklin Bridge.

But when he saw the site plans over the weekend, DiCicco said he could see that was not the case. And so, he said he has amended the enabling legislation in City Council.

"It would be seen by the residential community," DiCicco said. "The sign is out."

Residents have been vocal in their opposition to the development, which is expected to include a hotel and retail space. Because of the amendment, there will be no final vote on this legislation until next year.

We put a call into the developer, Arc Properties, and will update if we hear back.