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Diaz: Morales should withdraw from council race

Mayoral candidate Nelson Diaz says Manny Morales should end his bid for City Council in light of wildly controversial Facebook posts.

Time to call it a day, Manny.

That's the gist of a statement released today by Democratic mayoral candidate Nelson Diaz, who believes Manny Morales should end his bid to unseat City Councilwoman Maria Quinones-Sanchez in light of a controversy that erupted earlier this week over numerous bigoted posts that Morales allegedly posted on his own Facebook page.

Morales has denied that he posted the outrageous remarks -- which took aim at blacks, immigrants, gays and welfare recipients, and stretched back to 2010.

Instead, Morales claimed that his account was hacked and/or doctored by Quinones-Sanchez, or someone on her campaign team. She denied that spectacular accusation.

Diaz, a former Common Pleas Court judge, said he believes "everyone has a right to mount a defense and make their case before passing judgment on damning charges. My campaign has been asking Manny Morales to offer concrete evidence that the allegations against him cannot be corroborated.

"We haven't received such evidence, and as a result I am asking Manny Morales to issue an apology and withdraw from this race.

"I have spent my entire life as a dedicated advocate for civil rights, equal rights and human rights. I would never condone or support bigotry or hatred in any form.

"There are important issues facing our city, and I hope that we can now focus on how to make this a city of opportunity for all."