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Election Day Shenanigans Underway

Reports of Election Day mischief are starting to roll in. So far we've heard that:

* Ward Leader Danny Savage, running against Councilwoman Maria Quinones-Sanchez in the 7th District,convinced a judge to order an end to a flyer posted at polling places that says he tried to put a methadone clinic in a residential neighborhood.  Elizabeth McCollum-Nazario from the Savage campaign took a picture of the flyer with her cell phone, showed it to Common Pleas Court Judge Gregory Smith and noted that it does not have a line saying who paid for it, as required by law.  Savage accused the Sanchez campaign of posting the flyers.

* John Featherman, a Republican running for mayor with the support of a break-away GOP faction, failed to get Smith to order an end to the distribution of a Republican City Committee sample ballot.  Featherman argued that the top line on the ballot, calling itself the "Republican endorsed team" was misleading and the attribution said "courtesy of" rather than "paid for" or "authorized by," raising questions about who paid for it.  Republican City Committee Chairman Vito Canuso successfully argued that the language in the ballot was clear and proper.

* A judge approved a request by State Rep. Jewell Williams, a candidate for sheriff, to stop the distribution of sample ballots in the city's 8th Democratic Ward.  The ballots, one version that said it was the "8th Ward Endorsed Democratic Ballot" and another that just said "Endorsed Democratic Ballot," list Democrat John Kromer for Sheriff.  Williams is the endorsed candidate for his party.  The ballots also don't say who paid for them.  Stephanie Singer, a candidate for the Philadelphia City Commission, is the 8th Ward leader.

* Bobby Henon's campaign in the 6th District is seeking to confiscate ballots being distributed by opponent Marty Bednarek because they say they're not properly labeled.