The Loyal Opposition, a Republican group trying to seize control and reinvigorate the party in Philadelphia, has called an election for a new chairman Tuesday evening.  The group is at odds with Republican City Committee Chairman Vito Canuso and general counsel Michael Meehan.

Meehan responded with a message to all GOP ward leaders, telling them there is no vacancy in the chairman's post, so no need for the meeting.  Meehan also said that ward leader Mike Cibik, a Loyal Opposition member who called for the election and identified himself as the party's first vice chairman, does not hold that party post and has no authority to call a meeting.

The Pennsylvania Republican Party, which backs the Loyal Opposition, stripped Canuso of his title as chairman last year but took no steps to ask him from acting in that role.  The state party said it found "numerous irregularities" in Canuso's re-election as chairman last year.

This all comes one week after one of the Loyal Opposition's founders, Kevin Kelly, told the Daily News that the group is looking to create a new party structure to take over from the Republican City Committee.

The GOP chairman election will be held Tuesday on the second floor of Liberties at 7 p.m. 705 N. 2nd St. The election is open for public observation.