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Henon's mobile CityHall App is live, City's still coming

Earlier last month City Councilman Bobby Henon announced plans to create a free iPhone application called the CityHall App that would allow residents to make complaints and take photos of quality-of-life issues like trash, graffiti and potholes.

His office told PhillyClout today that the app is now live. You can check it out and download it by going to Henon's website.

Meanwhile, the city has said it should have its new free 3-1-1 mobile app up and running by the summer. Philly 3-1-1 is the city's nonemergency call center, which handles a million calls a year. The app would allow residents to file complaints via a smartphone.

The city has been trying for two years to create a mobile app. A small group of PhillyRising workers had access starting last year to an app for Blackberries, but Managing Director Rich Negrin said earlier this month he was pushing for the latest plan to "have the broadest impact" and include the most mobile devices.

Recently, in a Clout column, Negrin expressed concern about there being more than one app, but he was enthusiastic about Henon's plan.