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It's PA Society Time

PhillyClout will be signing off a bit early today because we're heading up to New York City for the annual Pennsylvania Society.

You have heard of this. Every year city and state politicians, lobbyists and gadflys head up to the big apple for a weekend of cocktail parties, fundraisers and shop-talk at upscale midtown Manhattan hotels.

Given the Philly economy this year, you'd think they'd consider moving it down here. But despite repeated suggestions over the years that this stuff should be in-state, these guys like the flash of the big city.

The focus this year will largely be on the governor's race, with most of the candidates holding fundraisers. PA2010 did an impressive roundup of all the events, if you feel like gate-crashing.

Check out our twitter feed and the blog tonight and tomorrow. If we hear any good local dirt, we'll let you know.

Mayor Nutter will be attending the festivities. We checked with his press office about his travel plans. They said he's traveling with just two security officers and no additional staff. And the mayor's campaign fund will pay the travel and hotel expenses for Nutter and the officers.