The Committee of 70 and the District Attorney's Office have received complaints that campaign posters for Democrat Jewel Williams were defaced with "scam" stickers at the Mifflin School in East Falls.  An alert voter sent us this photo of the stickers.

Williams is the daughter of Philadelphia Sheriff Jewell Williams, who resigned from his state House seat in North Philly's 197th District in January.  Her opponents in today's primary election have accused father and daughter of trying to confuse voters into thinking he is again seeking the seat he held for 10 years.  D.A. Jones, campaign manger for Jewel Williams, says she is trying to capitalize on her father's legacy but not trying to confuse voters.

The Committee of 70 said the District Attorney's Office decided against investigating the complaints about the posters being defaced because it "did not rise to the level of criminal activity."