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Judge makes headlines again and it's not good

Updated: To include comments from Judge Singletary's attorney

A Philadelphia Traffic Court Judge who has had his driver's license suspended for unpaid tickets and been reprimanded for promising favors in exchange for campaign donations is again in trouble with the court.

This time, it's for allegedly showing a woman cellphone pictures of his genitalia.

Judge Willie F. Singletary reportedly showed naked photos he'd taken on a cellphone to a woman –who was offended to say the least. She reported the misconduct to the principals of the First Judicial District, said a First Judicial District source.

Another source said the woman was a ticket enforcement officer.

Singletary was relieved of his judicial duties by Court of Common Pleas Judge Gary S. Glazer who recommended to the Supreme Court that he be suspended, the source said. Glazer declined to comment. The source said Glazer told Singletary not to contact anyone.

Singletary's attorney William Brennan said his client did not receive any information as to why he was relieved of his duties adding Singletary was escorted by a deputy sheriff to meet with Glazer who then handed him three memoranda.

"He was instructed that pending cases would be reassigned, he's forbidden to enter traffic court or speak to any employee," Brennan said. "At no point, up and through to today did someone contact me or Judge Singletary about what alleged set of facts would cause such drastic action."

Singletary was escorted from Traffic Court by police officers yesterday, the source said. The incident happened earlier this week.

Monday State Supreme Court Chief Justice Ron Castille removed Philadelphia Traffic Court Administrative Judge Michael Sullivan from his post, citing a long period of tickets being fixed for favoritism, in the course of a federal investigation.

The Supreme Court is launching a review of Traffic Court, separate from the federal probe.

Brennan said he thinks the federal investigation and Glazer's actions are unrelated but he is not sure. Castille recently appointed Glazer to oversee all administrative functions at Traffic Court.

"Judge Singletary certainly respects the authority of the Administration Judge to determine his assignment or lack thereof, but he hopes to be provided with some set of facts for this drastic action. It only seems fair.

Singletary made the news in 2009 when the state Judicial Conduct Board found him guilty of misconduct for soliciting campaign donations from the Philadelphia First State Road Rattlers Motorcycle Club on April 22, 2007. He was given a reprimand and probation.

In 2007, his driver's license was suspended through 2011 for owing $11,427 for 55 traffic violations.

Check the video below of Singletary blessing motorcycles in Malcolm X Memorial Park.