The Loyal Opposition, a Republican group trying to seize control of the party in Philadelphia to reinvigorate it, is calling off an election announced yesterday for Tuesday evening to select a new GOP chairman in the city.  Kevin Kelly, one of the group's founding members, said the move was reconsidered after a very good showing Tuesday by candidates challenging the GOP old guard.

"We're going to let some wounds heal,' Kelly said. "Let the dust settle from Tuesday and we'll pick it up at a later date."

The state party stripped Republican City Committee Chairman Vito Canuso of his title last year and refuses to recognize him at state meetings, though it has done nothing to prevent him from acting in his post in Philadelphia.  The party found "numerous irregularities" in how Canuso was re-elected last year.

Canuso and RCC general counsel Michael Meehan yesterday said the Loyal Opposition had no authority to call the meeting.  Meehan sent an email to GOP ward leaders yesterday, telling them there was no vacancy in the chairman's post, so no reason to attend the meeting.