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New List of Biz Tax Delinquents

Here's the release:


In the fourth installment of the delinquent publication list, the City of Philadelphia added 69 new businesses and 70 associated officers. This adds approximately $5.7 million in newly published judgments to the outstanding $47 million dollars in judgments on the previously published list. The top 5 newly added businesses and officers include: Delilah Winder ($1,577,478.03); Delilah's At Market ($1,418,334.80); Sharon Jort ($324,932.56); Stuart N. Harting and Lance S. Silver, officers of Katmandu Corporation ($252,120.21); and Benjamin Kenney, officer of Die Cut Specialty Company Inc. ($123,057.78).

Since the first list was published, an estimated $3 million in business tax revenue has been collected from delinquent taxpayers. Combined the lists now consist of 246 businesses and 217 associated officers, against whom the City has approximately $53 million in judgments. The City continues to aggressively and creatively collect delinquent taxes by utilizing all enforcement tools available. On upcoming publication lists, the City will expand the lists to include those individuals who have judgments or liens against them as a result of delinquent fines, fees and other charges; including, but not limited to water charges.

Delinquent taxpayers who appear on the lists should contact the City of Philadelphia Law Department, Tax Unit, Judgment Execution Division, One Parkway Building, 15th Floor, Philadelphia, 19102-1595, telephone 215-683-5207. The publication list will be replenished quarterly with names of taxpayers against whom the City has obtained new judgments. Taxpayers who resolve their liabilities will be removed from the list on a monthly basis.The complete delinquent judgment lists are available on the Law Department's website,, and may also be accessed from the Revenue Department's website