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Nutter Tees Off on Bill Green In Tribune Story

Check out this story in today's Philadelphia Tribune about the relationship between Mayor Nutter and City Councilman Bill Green. While the tension between the two has been written about before, Nutter does seem to let loose more in this article. Here are a couple of his quotes:

"He seems to have a theory that — if you look at the history of John Street, who antagonized his daddy (Mayor William Green Sr.) and antagonized Mayor (W. Wilson) Goode (Sr.) and then didn't antagonize Ed Rendell because they had a deal — and then if you look at my history, which was maybe somewhat antagonistic from time to time with Mayor Rendell and seemingly very antagonistic with Mayor Street, that's the way to become mayor is to antagonize mayors," he said.

"John Street worked his ass off and had a record," Nutter said. "I worked my ass off and I had a record. He doesn't — on either. You have to produce. He has an insatiable need for attention."