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Councilman O'Neill Says He Doesn't Plan On Enrolling in DROP

Council candidate Bill Rubin is trying to put the pressure on Councilman Brian O'Neill over DROP.

Rubin, a Democrat who is running against Republican O'Neill in the 10th Councilmanic District, today called on O'Neill to pledge that he would not enroll in the controversial Deferred Retirement Option Plan and sent O'Neill a waiver form that he could provide to the Pension Board to prove his commitment to staying out of the program.

We checked in with O'Neill who said he has no plans to enroll in DROP. But he also said he's not doing any paperwork provided by Rubin.

"I'm not going to get involved in an issue like that. The timing is just very bad for that," O'Neill said. He added that he thinks this is an issue for the fall election season and that he needs to focus on schools funding right now.

New elected officials are not eligible for DROP under state law. But there are ten members, including O'Neill, who could enroll.