The proposal to sell the Philadelphia Gas Works is dead but the political fight between City Council President Darrell Clarke and Mayor Nutter's administration rages on.

Clarke was on WHYY's Radio Times program this morning, defending his opposition to the $1.86 billion deal.  Council refused to hold hearings this year on the legislation for the proposed sale of PGW to UIL Holdings Corp., stymieing the deal.

Mark McDonald, Nutter's press secretary, used his Twitter feed to post 18 responses between 10 a.m. and noon today, many while Clarke was still on the air.  At one point, McDonald tweeted:

"If Clarke had not chickened out on hearings, all of his erroneous talking points would have been easily rebutted. #NOTprofilesincourage."

For his part, Clarke continued to blame Nutter for the deal's demise. He again claimed Council was not included in enough of the discussions with UIL.  And he repeatedly complained about media coverage of the failed deal.

Clarke dismissed a list of meeting dates Nutter's staff provided to WHYY, showing when Council members were able to provide input on the UIL deal. Clarke said Council was allowed to ask questions but not shape the deal.

Asked if there is "bad blood" between Nutter and the Council president, Clarke said:

"There is absolutely not bad blood. I consider the mayor a friend. From time to time we disagree. It's not personal. We disagree from time to time on issues."

UIL pulled the plug on the deal two weeks ago, saying, "Our investment apparently wasn't attractive enough to some City Council members in leadership."