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Politicians meet at Relish for Election Day

It's Election Day and Phillyclout took a trip to Relish Restaurant in West Oak Lane this afternoon where local politicians gathered to eat and shoot the breeze before heading back to the streets to campaign.

The hot topic today was the voter-ID law set to go into effect in the fall.

State Rep. Dwight Evans said he and his campaign staff placed fliers throughout the 10th ward in the Northwest about the voter ID law urging people to protect their vote and contact Gov. Corbett.

"I think there was some [confusion about Voter ID] in the beginning," Evans said, adding that people asked "why is this necessary?"

"I call it a part of a grand scheme," Evans said. "It's an overall rightwing conspiracy to steal the democracy and try to diminish voter participation."

City Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. witnessed a poll worker in Wynnefield ask a voter for ID and after the person did not have it, the poll worker told the voter he could not vote without it.

Jones said he was asked to show his ID as well.

"I think it's another effort to oppress the vote," said Councilman Wilson Goode Jr.

4:29 p.m.

Candidate Stephen Kinsey, served as chief of staff to retiring State Rep. John Myers, who held the Northwest's 201st District for 17 years. Kinsey is now seeking Myers' seat, as well as two others including Michael Ellis and Karl Gamble.

Kinsey said he feels good about his chances in today's election. Meanwhile, he noted that people have expressed concern about the voter ID law.

"Throughout the district I know there is concern especially for seniors," Kinsey said, adding that his office has been flooded with calls about it.