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Primary Day -- Yes, it's still happening

Good morning Philadelphia. It's Primary Election time!

Yes, we know today's election is lacking in drama and excitement, but we are a politics blog, so we're trying to make the best of it. Still, we think our colleague John Baer summed up today's landscape pretty well in his Monday column:

Once Rick disengaged, the body politic sagged, shrugged and surrendered.

Yes, Rick, Mitt, Newt and Ron Paul — three with Pennsylvania ties — all are on the ballot. But, come on, it's over for the GOP. And, for Democrats, the president's unopposed so the energy of '08 is but a distant memory.

This means no statewide interest, low voter turnout and zero animation in all but a couple of races.

Even if voters are angry and vengeful over gas prices, stupid legislators or a still-stunted economy, they must feel primary voting just won't change a thing.

For the full column click here. And despite the low interest, we'll still be liveblogging from the Famous Fourth Street Deli today, so tune in later on for all the gossip.