For Gov. Rendell, post-election is apparently also a post-partisanship period.  Rendell, speaking at last week's Pennsylvania Society in New York City, told Scott Detrow of WITF in Harrisburg that state Democratic Party political attacks on Gov.-Elect Tom Corbett are going over the line.  [We first saw this on the Newsworks Off Mic blog by Dave Davies]

"Let's give him some breathing space," Rendell told WITF. "To attack him at this point comes with ill grace."

Was it really just six weeks ago, while helping Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dan Onorato in the closing days of the general election, that Rendell accused Corbett of trying to get people to break the law? Here's what we reported on Oct. 30:

Onorato and Rendell yesterday accused Corbett of trying to foster voter suppression in the city. Rendell went so far as to say Corbett, the top law-enforcement officer in the state, should not be running for governor.

"He urged people to break the law," Rendell said after Onorato was endorsed by the Black Clergy of Philadelphia and Vicinity. "Voter suppression is against the law. And he clearly urged them to break the law. Now does he have a plan? How would we know?"