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Renee Tartaglione Pushed From Job By Charter Violations

The Philadelphia Board of Ethics announced this morning that Renee Tartaglione Matos, who resigned last month as deputy city commissioner after 27 years, left her job after admitting to nine violations of the City Charter, which prohibits her from participating in political campaigns.  In a statement, the board said she left her job four days after being advised that there was "probable cause to believe that she had committed multiple violations" of the charter.  The board said her "prompt, voluntary retirement" came with a $2,700 fine.

Tartaglione Matos and her husband, 19th Ward Leader Carlos Matos, have long feuded with state Rep. Angel Cruz, who represents the 180th District, which runs from Diamond Street in North Philly to Roosevelt Boulevard in Juniata Park.  Cruz has frequently complained that Tartaglione Matos and her mother, City Commission Chairwoman Marge Tartaglione, have boosted the efforts of Jonathan Ramos to challenge in him Democratic primaries.

The board said Tartaglione Matos, during the 2008 Democratic primary season, ordered campaign materials for a candidate and took part in challenges to candidates for Judge of Election and Machine Inspector.  Those actions, the board said, took place in her husband's ward as well as the 7th Ward, which Cruz leads, and the 62nd Ward, led by her mother.  Tartaglione Matos also collected $56,000 in political contributions to pay for "street money" on election day and organized and ran a 19th Ward meeting where Democratic Committee members were given election day assignments.

Tartaglione Matos approved a settlement agreement that prohibits her from seeking or holding a city office for one year, the board said.  You can read the board's news release here.  You can read the settlement agreement here.