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So, Sheriff's budget proposal does not include new SUV...

Philadelphia Sheriff Jewell Williams told reporters today that the budget proposal he presented before City Council today did not include the fancy $38,000 Chevy Tahoe SUV that the city refused to buy him.

The Daily News' Chris Brennan reported in February that the Sheriff wanted a new ride, but was stuck with the 2012 Ford Escape SUV acting Sheriff Barbara Deeley used when she headed the office.

KYW reporter Mike Dunn asked, "Regarding your original request to the Administration for an SUV is that still on the table and is that included in the proposal?"

Williams chuckled and stared at Brennan before answering.

"I never asked for one," Williams said. "The previous administration [Sheriff Deeley] asked for those vehicles. I never asked for it."

He added that he is still driving the same vehicle.

"I'm not fine with it, but that's what I'm driving."