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Specter Turns on the Charm for State Dems

Politico has a good story up about Sen. Arlen Specter's appearance Saturday before the Pennsylvania Democratic party in Pittsburgh. Apparently the newly Democratic senator really turned out the charm:

Here, at the annual state committee meeting, Specter had his unofficial coming out party and he aimed to please. Using a teleprompter for his speech—"I wanted to express myself with precision," he said—and sporting a blue and red donkey tie, he told an audience of 300 Democratic elected officials and activists he felt "welcome and comfortable."

"Maybe it's no coincidence that I feel so comfortable with Democrats, because I've spent most of my life with Democrats," Specter said, a little over a month after leaving the Republican Party.

"Maybe it's no coincidence that I've been derided for years by the far-right as a Republican in name only," he said. "Well, I'm no longer a Republican. I'm again a Democrat, and I'm pleased and proud to be a Democrat."

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