We almost made it the whole working day without any news about Latrice Bryant, City Councilman W. Wilson Goode Jr.'s chief legislative aide and the subject of a Fox 29 News investigation.  But then City Controller Alan Butkovitz stepped in, sending Goode a letter yesterday saying his office has examined the television report, which filmed Bryant attending to personal errands while logged in as working at City Hall.  Bryant owes the city $836.35 for 19.45 hours of missed work, Butkovitz concluded.

Goode responded this morning with an e-mail, saying he "personally does not dispute" that the Fox 29 News figures may be correct.  He has said Bryant wasn't filling out her work time sheets every day, which led to mistakes.  Goode also noted that Bryant has hired an attorney, so he can't speak for her.  But he can pay up.

"If she does not respond to your correspondence by Oct. 10, I will take full responsibility for the mistakes of her daily time records as outlined in your letter and -- I agree to personally make full restitution in the amount of $836.35 to the City of Philadelphia, as arranged by your office," Goode wrote to Butkovitz.

Bryant, everyone in the city now apparently knows, lashed out at Fox 29 News after a reporter tried to interview her as she entered Council's Sept. 18 session.  She held up signs in Council that day, accusing the station of racism.  She apologized in a letter to Goode on Sunday, calling her actions inexcusable but offering several excuses for why she behaved that way.  You can read the letter, plus a bonus read from her attorney, here.