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Top PhillyClout Posts of 2009

As we draw to our second year on PhillyClout to a close, we thought you might be curious what the most popular stories were othe blog this year. So we tallied it up. And we were happy to see that you guys like a range of stories -- posts about budget news, sports and gossip are all on this roundup. Hopefully we'll have more in all those catagories in 2010.

Based on hard cold hits, these are PhillyClout's ten most read blog posts of 2009.

1) Judge: Eagles Owe The City $8 Million
2) City Will Slash 3,000 Jobs If Budget Woes Continue
3) Nutter: City Will Not Pay For A Phillies Parade
4) Nutter Announces More Layoffs, Delays Police Training
5) Wedding Bells for W. Wilson Goode Jr. and Latrice Bryant?
6) Mayor Raffles World Series Tickets
7) Joe Banner Tells WIP: "I Know I Had A Deal."
8) Brett Mandel Pledges To Get $8 Million from Eagles
9) City Releases New Tax Deadbeat list
10) Nutter: Fumo Verdict "Difficult...To Fully Understand"