Vito Canuso, the long-time chairman of the Republican City Committee in Philadelphia, told party members at an annual fundraiser Tuesday night that he will step down in the near future.  Canuso, as predicted in a Clout column two weeks ago, said he would back state Rep. John Taylor as the party's new chairman.

This is likely a first public step towards healing a rift in the local GOP, split between an old-school faction that at times worked hand-in-hand with the Democratic City Committee, and a more conservative faction that wanted to be more competitive in local races.

Canuso on Wednesday morning said he did not have a time-line for when he will resign his post.   It was clear, however, that some sore feelings persist.

"There was no reason to fight before," Canuso said. "It's foolish, but some people have certain ideas or aspirations. Unfortunately, they're in a position to make a lot of noise."