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Comcast boosts Wifi for DNC with 'Wifi On Wheels'

Comcast Corp. is debuting two "Wifi on Wheels" trucks to boost capacity during the the DNC, calling them amenity hotspots and available free to the public.

Trialed in other markets, one Wifi on Wheels truck can support about 3,000 Wifi users each within about 500 feet. Comcast says the speeds are five times cellular-based mobile phones.

The trucks themselves are Ford vans each with six Wifi access points and a 40-foot mast.

For starters, Wifi On Wheels will deployed at the DNC volunteer party on Thursday at Penn's Landing and the media party at Citizens Bank Park on Saturday, the company said.

Comcast has been rumored to be developing a Wifi-based wireless service that could compete with incumbent wireless carriers Verizon and AT&T later this year.