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Watch: While you were sleeping, the legend of Mike Trout grew

The 21-year-old from Millville hit for the cycle on Tuesday night, including an eighth inning home run.

East Coast bias: I was deep, deep asleep when Mike Trout hit for the cycle.

And the legend grows.

Infield single in the third inning. RBI triple in the fourth inning. Three-run double in the sixth inning. Then, with a 2-0 count, Trout homered to complete what is widely-regarded as the oddest of in-game statistical rarities for a batter.

And the legend grows.

"At 2-0, I think I was swinging at anything," Trout said. "It was in the back of my mind, trying to hit a home run. I just barreled it up and it went out. It feels great."

Trout is now the youngest American League player ever to hit for the cycle. He is the third youngest in the major leagues since 1930. He was last year's AL rookie of the year and runnerup as the league most valuable player. He is viewed, almost universally, as the kind of player who will make a distinctive impact on the game for years and maybe decades to come.

Now, this.

Here's a view from somebody's camera phone in the seats of the home run. The quality kind of stinks, but I just love the joyous, guttural guffawing of the people in the stands.