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VIDEO: Watch a preview of tonight’s groovy retro ‘Castle’

Ready for a neon trip back to the disco era? Beckett and Castle are.

Can you feel it? That’s Saturday Night Fever burning you up. And the detectives on


come down with a contagiously ugly case of it tonight (10 p.m. on 6ABC).

The plot? A key witness to a murder (prolific Philly character actor Jon Polito) is mentally marooned in the 70s. So to jog his memory, the cops at the precinct meticulously recreate the era. Hey, it could happen!

And away we go.

Esposito (Jon Huertas) and Ryan (Seamus Dever) impersonate a pair of legendary detectives from that groovy time, Ray Price and Snookie Watts. Said star Stana Katic of their period getups, "Those guys look like they're doing their own Hall and Oates special!"

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