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Are you ready for the new season of ‘My Strange Addiction’? VIDEO

Meet Jennifer. Do not leave her alone in Beautyrest showroom.

Woken up by a chomping sound? If you're a friend of Jennifer, that probably isn't bed bugs.

Jennifer is the piece de resistance of the season debut of TLC's My Strange Addiction (Jan 1, 9 p.m.).

New Year…strange new fixations.

Well, we'll let the lady make her own bed: "My name is Jennifer and I'm addicted to eating mattresses."

There, the first step is admitting you have a problem.

From this clip it would seem that the young woman from St. Louis mostly eats the foam padding. (Stick to the white meat, Jen.) She's worked her way through 8 mattresses – bite by bite. The only problem with her dietary obsession? She says it's the gas.

Really? We would have though a steady diet of mattress would make you drowsy.

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