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Ashley picks J.P. in 'Bachelorette' finale

The filly from Philly goes with her heart, choosing J.P. over Ben

After an often odd three month journey, Ashley Hebert, the filly from Philly, chose J.P. on the conclusion of The Bachelorette last night.

Criticized by viewers and bloggers as indecisive and easily swayed, the dental student at Penn showed no hesitation last night despite a touchingly sincere wedding proposal from Ben, the other finalist. Ashley was torn because she confessed to feeling more compatible and comfortable with Ben.

(Was it just me or did the rings the two men chose from the camera hogging jeweler earlier in the episode look exactly the same? Maybe he doesn't carry a large selection in his display briefcase.)

As there has been all season long, there was drama in last night's two hour conclusion (followed by a one-hour After the Rose program.) When Ashley introduced J.P. to her family, Hebert's heavily inked older sister Chrystie did not hide her disapproval. It was like Kate-Pippa dynamic – with tattoos.

"Does J.P. make you laugh?" Chrystie asked Ashley. Hmm, Ashley pondered. "Do you make me laugh?" Uh-oh. Even the next day, you could see the clash had given her second thoughts. Chrystie also questioned the 9 year age difference.

But all's well that ends well. The couple seemed to be glowing as they expressed their mutual love on the platform above the shore in Fiji.

Did it strike you as unnecessarily cruel that after Ben was crushed by Ashley's turndown, they put him in a little dinghy and had him putt-putt past the scene of his humiliation?

Later that night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! the pair said they have been "living on Skype" and not meeting in person since the finale was taped to keep the results a surprise. The plan is that Ashley will move to New York to be with her betrothed. She said she planned to hold the wedding in the fall of 2012, an announcement that clearly took J.P. by surprise.

There's your first taste of married life, bud. All important decisions from heron out will be reached unilaterally. If Ashley wants your opinion, she'll ask for it.

Noting the abysmal track record of the show in actually getting its contestants to the altar, Kimmel predicted that the proposal means they will be together "for 5 to 11 covers of US Weekly."

Cheer up, Ben. You might have better luck next time if you are picked as the next Bachelor.

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