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Bizarre Kris Humphries interview on 'GMA'

The Kardashian reject doesn’t want to talk about it

Good Morning America promoted the heck out of its interview this morning with basketball player Kris Humphries, better known as Kim Kardashian's blink-and-you-missed-it husband. The ABC News morning program ran a graphic at the bottom of the screen: "His Life With Kim" as Josh Elliott peppered Humphries and his mother Debra with personal questions.

It was like watching a guy trying to open an oyster with a wooden spoon. The closest Kris came to answering a marriage/annulment/divorce query was, "Certain things happen."

Take a look at the verbal bull fight.

Q: "Do you still love her?" A "It's a great day for the NBA." Ole!

It was a little odd that Humphries spent so much time talking about his foundation on childhood obesity, because he came back later on the show for a baking segment, whipping up cookies whose primary ingredients were butter and sugar.

Here's a scary thought, kids. The newly announced jefe of the E! channel declared yesterday that she would like to see as many as four more Kardashian spinoff series. Repent! The end is near.

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