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'Boardwalk Empire'’s shocking finale

It was an eventful season finale – with a cruel twist

Super spoiler alert! If you have put off watching last night's explosive finale of Boardwalk Empire – either because you want to watch it later this week or you're playing the long game and want to enjoy the whole second season at once, then READ NO FURTHER.

Because it all came down to one of the most jaw-dropping twists of the TV year. The episode ended in the most noir possible gangster tradition with Nucky personally executing his protégé turned rival Jimmy on a dark and rainy night. Say it ain't so! Not Jimmy! Why couldn't Nelson have caught a bullet? We wouldn't have minded losing him.

The hour began just as violently as it ended with Chalky finally getting his sought-after vengenace on the Ku Klux Klan members for their massacre at the warehouse.

There were a couple of ceremonial occasions as well, including the lovely wedding of Nucky and Margaret. And Nucky's big trial which ended with him being exonerated on all charges.

Here's the question I leave you with. Did Nucky, the consummate wheeler-dealer, marry Margaret out of sincere love, or did he just want to make certain she couldn't testify against him? What do you think?

Either way, he paid dearly as the Catholic Church was bequeathed a hefty slice of New Jersey real estate. What an ending.