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Josh Duhamel returns to ‘AMC”

It’s back to Pine Valley for the actor who got his start on ‘All My Children’.

Perhaps you know Josh Duhamel as a dashing film star (When in Rome; the Transformer trilogy). Perhaps you know him as the hubbie of pop hottie Fergie, of the Black Eyed Peas.

But did you know he got his start on All My Children as the cosmopolitan con man, Leo du Pres? Leo had a rather complicated relationship with his older brother Dr. David Hayward ( Vincent Irizarry). After sowing his wild oats freely in Pine Valley, he lost his heart to Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) and was presumed dead after going over a waterfall to try to save her in 2003.

This just in: Leo is alive!

ABC announced yesterday that Duhamel will reprise the role in an episode to air in August. It's a gracious gesture by Duhamel, 38, a thank-you to the soap that launched his career. Cancelled by the network, All My Children will cease storytelling in September.

There are few silver linings in the soap world these days. The announcement came on the same day that the specifics of Katie Couric's deal with ABC were revealed. Her talk show, bowing in 2012, is being widely interpreted as the last nail in General Hospital's coffin. No official decision on the fate of ABC's lone remaining soap is expected for some time.

But let's travel back to happier days, shall we? Enjoy the video (below) of Duhamel's very first appearance on AMC. You know he's bad because he's wearing that black leather jacket. Pop quiz: Check out the waitress Leo is scamming. Can you identify the actress? Hint: She played the First Lady in the 2008 film W., and the mother of Jack Donaghy's child on 30 Rock.

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