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Next on TV: Amish crime drama?

Thou art under arrest

OK, Ezekiel, you've got that buggy going a mite fast there. Pull it over.

We're sure crime is a problem in Amish communities much as it is everywhere else, but is there enough felonious intent among the Plain Folk to warrant a weekly crime drama?

We'll find out when Lifetime airs its TV movie Sworn to Silence sometime next year. Neve Campbell (Party Of Five) plays a woman who returns as police chief to the small Amish farming community where she grew up.

She's just settling into the job when a murder occurs. This stirs up echoes of a series of brutal killings that shook the town when Neve's character was a girl.

If the movie draws a decent audience, Lifetime plans to develop the concept into a series, a customary strategy for the channel.

It would stretch plausability to have violent crimes every week in an Amish farm town, so I guess by the second month you'd have Neve's police chief at a barn raising, disguised in a beard and hat, to investigate who has been stealing all the nails. Yon Amos hath a lean and hungry look.

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