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Ratings news: A crazy night of highs, lows

It was a volatile night with shows on four networks registering all-time lows

This was a strange Thursday night – mid-April, not even Easter and already the prime time schedule was crowded with season finales. Wrapping things up a little early this year, aren't we guys?

Judging by the Nielsen numbers, the audience may have already checked out.

Thursday is usually dominated by CBS. And even with all but a half-hour of its night devoted to reruns, the network still had the most viewers. The one fresh offering, The Crazy Ones at 9:30 p.m., hit a low note in its series finale, down a full 24 percent in the 18-49 year old demographic from the previous week. Guess KYW anchor Ukee Washington wasn't much of a casting stunt. Bye-bye, Robin Williams.

It wasn't the only series to bottom out last night. Maybe America was watching hockey? Fox's Surviving Jack, NBC's Parks and Recreation, the CW's Vampire Diaries and Reign all hit ratings nadirs.

On the plus side, ABC's Scandal had its best season finale ever, with 10.45 million viewers. And the season finales of Community and Parenthood on NBC also posted better numbers than they have in recent weeks.

The most watched show of the night? The second of two reruns of The Big Bang Theory. Have you people lost your remotes?

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