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See the provocative new trailer for ‘Orphan Black’

The sisterhood of the traveling clones is back!

BBC America has just released this trailer for the second season of Orphan Black.

It's the Canadian sci-fi series that the people who watch TV for a living can't stop talking about.

Actress Tatiana Maslany is up for a Golden Globe for her bravura performance as a scruffy street hustler who discovers that she's part of a ghastly experiment. Maslany plays numerous other versions of her character – as soccer mom, as lab geek, etc., all of them in imminent danger.

That explains this crafty clip with the narrators saying "My name is…Alison Hendrix…Cosima Niehaus…Rachel Duncan…Sarah Manning." Then their test tube visages blur into a single DNA strand.

Fans of the show may notice that Helena, the craziest clone, is MIA. If you haven't seen Orphan Black, you're in for a treat when it returns April 19.

If you're having trouble seeing the video below, click here.

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