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Terry Crews’ new gig: Hosting ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’

The imposing actor will take over the game show in the fall

Terry Crews has some kind of resume, starting with his career in football. Did you know he spent his final year in the NFL as a backup linebacker for the Eagles in 1996?

But as an actor, he's pretty much done it all. Which is surprising because with his distinctive looks, imposing size and Herculean build, you'd assume he would be pigeonholed.

You may remember him from his many Old Spice commercials, or as the father on Everybody Hates Chris or as Jeff Daniels' bodyguard on The Newsroom, or as the crooked politician on Arrested Development or maybe as one of Sylvester Stallone's gung-ho Expendables or in his current sitcom with Andy Samberg, Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Fox. To name a few.

Maybe you saw the ads for Blended, the Adam Sandler movie that comes out later this month? Crews flat out steals the trailer with his pec-shifting dance and reggae singing of the theme song. (See below.)

Terry is just warming up. ABC announced today that he will be the new host of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, taking over for Cedric the Entertainer. The syndicated game show begins its 13th season this fall with Crews at the helm and production moving to Stamford, Ct.

Oh, and Terry's first book, Manhood, comes out in less than two weeks.

Are the Eagles having open tryouts? He still looks to be in fantastic shape and he clearly has time for another career.

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