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‘The Walking Dead’: What’s next? Watch the trailer

Who survived Sunday’s shattering episode? And where will they go?

I've never been a fan of "the mid-season finale" concept. Just say you're putting us on hold for a few months and be done with it. But on Sunday, The Walking Dead came up with a memorable way to say "see ya later".

The spoiler warning goes up here. If you're waiting to watch "Too Far Gone" at your leisure, drop out now, because we have to say goodbye to a few characters.

It was an epic face-off between the Governor and Rick, with the eye-patched one holding a couple of trump cards: a fully functioning (though vintage) tank and Hershel and Michonne as his hostages.

The Governor used Michonne's katara to decapitate Hershel (was that really called for?), then Michonne used it on the man who would be king. But not before the Governor beat Rick to a pulp and nearly choked him out. In the end though it was Lilly who polished the Gov off. (Am I the only one who was having trouble telling Lilly from Maggie? Do you think that resemblance was intentional?)

But after the tank broke down the prison's gates, after the deadly gun battle, the biters got in through the breach and retook the sanctuary. That left our clan – what was left of them – scattering in all directions. Beth ran off with Daryl. Maggie, Sasha and Bob missed the bus and set off on their own. And a barely conscious Rick climbed the hills above the prison with Carl, warning his son, like the Biblical Lot, not to look back.

So what's next when the show returns in February? Looks like a diaspora, as the stragglers try to survive in small groups in the Georgia countryside. If you stuck around for The Talking Dead after Sunday's show, they showed an incredibly generic clip from the upcoming episodes, claiming that any other footage would have given too much away. But we found a more telling trailer. Enjoy.

What was the most shocking moment from "Too Far Gone" for you? For us, it was when Tyreese was about to get plugged in the garden and bang! He looks up to see his savior: little Lizzie.

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