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VIDEO: See a ‘Game of Thrones’ recap – with a very gay twist

Funny or Die issues another episode of "Gay of Thrones"

This is becoming almost as addictive as the show it mocks. I'm talking about Gay of Thrones on Funny or Die in which gay hair stylist Jonathan offers up a weekly description in his salon of what happened in Westeros on HBO.

The Game of Thrones episode on Sunday, as you may recall, was entitled "First of His Name". It began with the coronation of young Tommen and ended with the burning of Craster's Keep.

It's just a little bit different the way Jonathan tells it in "Fierce Her Name". The catty nicknames he has for all the characters are hilarious. Hodor as Miss Clio? So are the pop references. Who would give Brienne and Podrick a laugh track and compare them to Laverne & Shirley?

You may have to watch this a few times. Jonathan talks a mile a minute. With five laughs a yard.

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