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VIDEO See a hilarious clip from tonight’s ‘Inside Amy Schumer’

Josh Charles joins Schumer for an incisive spoof of Aaron Sorkin

Brace yourself. Amy Schumer is about to take her humor to a whole new level tonight.

Check out this clip from the new episode of Inside Amy Schumer, "A Chick Who Can Hang" (10:30 p.m. on Comedy Central). The skit is called "The Foodroom" and to call it a fast food spoof of Aaron Sorkin's HBO drama The Newsroom doesn't begin to do it justice. Because it works on so many levels simultaneously.

Including the fact that it stars Josh Charles, late of The Good Wife. Charles seems very comfortable as a Sorkin style hero: eloquent and iconoclastic with a heart as big as a deep fat fryer. Maybe because he spent time in the late '90s on the much-loved but short-lived Sorkin series, Sports Night.

With or without apple slices, this giggle meal is brilliant. This goes right on the Emmy reel, Amy.

Having trouble seeing the clip? Click here.

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