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VIDEO: See the incredible salsa dancing granny on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

Paddy Jones, 79, flat out amazes Simon Cowell and the other judges

Ever think you'd see Simon Cowell apologize to a contestant? Well, get ready. Snarky Simon may be off the air over here, but he's still the main judge on Britain's Got Talent. And this weekend, he could barely disguise his disdain when Paddy Jones, 79 and Nico Espinosa, 40, came out to audition.

Actually, it was fellow jurist David Walliams who got in most of the nasty jabs (while plugging his own comedy show Little Britain).

Paddy and Nico came to dance. What was wrong with this picture? Well. Quite a bit actually. Even the crowd is restive as the mismatched couple begins to pace the stage. Simon buzzes in to eliminate them almost immediately. Notice the delicious moment when both dancers just look over at him defiantly.

And then the magic happens. Wild, often suggestive magic. Guess age really is just a number, eh, Simon?

Trouble seeing the video (below)? Click here.

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