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VIDEO: Who has the fouler mouth: Julia Roberts or Sally Field?

The Oscar winning actresses square off in a filthy cursing contest

Cover your ears. Julia and Sally are taking cussing to a whole new level.

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host officiated the first Celebrity Cursing contest. The opposing profanity hurlers were Sally Field and Julia Roberts, former co-stars in Steel Magnolias and both Academy Award winning actresses in their own rights.

It wouldn't appear to be a fair battle. As Julia, who seems to be bringing back culottes off the fashion scrapheap, said, "What am I doing in a cursing contest with the Flying Nun?"

Well, guess what, potty mouth? You got stomped by a little lady who couldn't get butter to melt in her mouth. As a shocked Kimmel said, "This is a massacre!"

Oh yeah, it's Sally in a bleeping walkover. Just watch. You might learn a few new words.

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