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Video: First look at CBS’s new fall shows

Four sitcoms and one drama were unwrapped by the Tiffany Network on Wednesday

In the high stakes game of draw poker that is network programming, CBS, more than anyone else, makes it a habit to stand pat.

Of course that's easier when you're in 1st place and your schedule is adorned with imperishables like 60 Minutes, NCIS and Two and a Half Men.

During its Upfront presentation Wednesday afternoon at Carnegie Hall, CBS kept its lineup singularly stable, returning 20 series. Five new shows were announced for fall, including four sitcoms. And the network has fashioned a Nielsen Murderer's Row on Tuesday night with NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles leading into Person of Interest.

Here are descriptions of CBS's newbies:

* We Are Men is a comedy about four guys living in a short-term apartment building, a casualty ward for the broken-hearted and divorced. The youngest of the bunch (Chris Smith of Paranormal Activity 3) didn't even get as far as his honeymoon. He is the recipient of lots of specious poolside advice from Tony Shalhoub (Monk), Jerry O'Connell (The Defenders) and Kal Penn (House). Hmm, sounds remarkably similar to Jonathan Tropper's fabulous novel, One Last Thing Before I Go.