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Watch Charles Barkley launch a new ‘Jetsons’ character

Sir Charles introduces the son George didn’t know he had

Sometimes with Charles Barkley, you just have to strap in and take the ride. Take this week's halftime segment on TNT. He starts out making a point about the San Antonio Spurs' team approach and then he veers deep, deep into space.

"Ain't no doubt in my mind if I played in the NBA today," he said "I'd go to the game in a space ship." But before Ernie Johnson or anyone else in America could figure that out, he likened himself to 'Leroy Jetson', a character from the 60s' Hanna-Barbera cartoon that exists only in Charles's mind.

"Leroy Jetson?" says Shaquille O'Neal, dissolving into hopeless laughter. "Is that the black Jetson?"

Things kind of broke down after that as you can see in this video. Soon the guys were singing highlight commentary to the Jetsons theme song. The TNT guys came up with a Leroy Jetson graphic, and Charles was firing his mother on national TV.

Why? Maybe he think he's Mr. Spacely. Oh, and in case, you forgot, the Jetsons' precocious son was named Elroy.

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