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Watch a jolly good ‘Sherlock’ Christmas bonus

The BBC posted a 7-minute mini-episode today.

"Many happy returns." That's not our holiday wish for you. It's the title of this little gem that the BBC posted online today. Think of it as a prequel to Season 3 of Sherlock, due here on PBS on January 19.

Or just think of it as a lovely gift.

The burning question: is Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) dead or alive? In this episode, it's two years after the events of "The Reichenbach Fall". Inspector Lestrade is convinced that Holmes has shuffled off this mortal coil. Anderson, however, who was never a fan of the deductive master, sees his hand everywhere – or at least overseas.

What do you think, Watson, old chap, after seeing that video? You may want to alert Mrs. Hudson to open the windows and air out 221B Baker Street.

Having trouble seeing the video below? Click here.

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